The Believers

Think of all the people in the world you know to be successful; some you may even know yourself.
Now think of how they accomplished what they did,
Without any of your help.
You probably never believed in the dream they had,
Or gave a second thought to what they would do,
Yet somehow each one of them accomplished something great,
Without having the belief from you.
So if all these dreamers can find a way to accomplish something great
Without any of your belief, can’t you have the same fate?
Can’t you make your dreams come true when only you believe?
Isn’t your belief the only one you really need?
Aren’t all your visions achievable
When the whole world doesn’t see them clear?
Or is relying on what others think the only reason you’re here?
Is sitting back in the bleachers when you were written up to bat
A life that you’ll be happy with
On the days you’re looking back?
Aren’t your dreams worth your dreaming worth achieving, too?
And doesn’t that alone give you enough belief in you?
So don’t think about the doubters
You already know you’ll prove them wrong.
Just think about the belief that you should have had in you all along.



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