The Sunset Is A Universal Language

Have you ever stopped your focus on what the world tells you to do
And just started to observe the beautiful colors passing through
As the sunset starts to form, in the solid hue we call the sky?
And as you just admire, you start to have a change of mind?
Of how you view the world, so you start to see the world more clearly?
Right as the light goes away that you viewed from life so early?
The sunset- it’s one thing, but it spans across the globe
So everyone can see it, no matter where’s their home.
It follows its own rules, and they differ from the sky’s
As it changes what we see- it brings more colors to our eyes.
But it’s not just about the colors that we all start to see,
It’s about how it’s all the colors combined that make the sunset what it’s meant to be.
Few things greater do exist than the sunset spanning far-
And the combination of colors is so beautiful, no matter where you are.
Now, we still love to see the sky in it’s solid shade of blue,
Or maybe it’s even solid grey if a storm is passing through.
But there’s nothing like the sunset,
How all those colors work together
To make a beautiful site that you keep stored in your memory forever.
It’s almost as if God made the sunsets for a universal lesson-
To show that when all the colors work together, you see one of life’s most beautiful blessings.




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