Blind To See

If society was blind for one day maybe we’d stop biting the apple.
If we couldn’t see the color differences, if we couldn’t see a dapple.
Maybe we’d spend less time on the streets and more time in the chapel,
Maybe we’d find more people to be genuine & less to be assholes.
If we couldn’t see to judge another, if we lived like Adam & Eve,
Maybe we’d spend more of our days talking about our happiness & less days about our grieve.
Maybe we’d find ourselves becoming more generous and focused less on the greed.
Maybe we’d discover to appreciate what we have because what we have is what we need.
If we couldn’t see then the media wouldn’t have such a strong hold grip,
And maybe our morals would never start to slip.
Maybe life would be cruising like a cruise ship,
Maybe our hearts would stay whole instead of always being ripped.
If we couldn’t see then we couldn’t point out every difference,
Maybe we’d stop comparing ourselves to others forcing this self hindrance.
Maybe, and I really hope, we’d lose all of our ignorance,
Maybe we’d be accepting instead of being so belligerent.
If for one day we couldn’t see then we could see what life was like in God’s vision.
Ironic as it is, that’s the life we should all be living,
Maybe everything could add together instead of always being division.
Can’t you imagine, Close your eyes to see this vision?


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