Silent Stories

We often tell our greatest stories
Without saying a word.
Because we pick up more by what we see
Than by what we’ve ever heard.
Did you know you can say “I love you”
By how you look into their eyes?
And that’s a way that they’ll believe,
Because that look can’t tell a lie.
A smile is a greeting that says
Much more than a “hello.”
You see nothing that we can say
Can compare to what we show.
How you give or how you take
Will be expressed by what you do.
So just talking all that talk
Will never speak it true.
We’ve hardly remembered a person
By their words alone.
And we never get to know a person
Until their actions have actually shown.
So when your story’s becoming known,
Just know words aren’t how it’s told.
It’s the actions that make people buy
Your Silent Story being sold.


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