World In A Mirror

We hope someone does right even if it isn’t us,
And when we’re doing wrong, we complain that we can’t trust.
Ironic isn’t it? How we are our own problem?
And we’d rather just complain then do something to solve them.
Cliche as it may be, the solution always starts with us,
Like we could be out here loving but instead we choose to lust.
We might as well all be a Mason, because we just build up our walls.
Trapping us inside, but we gotta let them fall.
The finish line is set by us, and we make it unattainable
We keep running from the line, but this pace is unsustainable.
Gandhi had it right when he said “be the change you wish to see”,
So when I’m looking in the mirror, the world’s looking back at me.
That means the world is mine and as it shapes me I shape it back,
That’s why I pray to God each night that I’m on the right path.
Because see I’ve always had a vision that my destiny is great
Not that I’m necessarily destined for greatness, but that I have a greater fate.
That if I can help one person, then that means I’ve helped two,
Because it always helps me when I know that I’ve helped you.
And if they can help another, then that would make it three, and I just hope that it carries on forever like the sea.
This is our world so it is what we make it,
And we have the tools to make it real,
We don’t have to fake it.
Yeah this is our world, so it is what we make it,
And we have to keep progressing forward, we don’t have time to brake it.
We have dreams, we have visions, and passions for a reason-
They stick with us forever, they don’t change like the seasons.
They’re like our chauffeur, driving us throughout our days
Pulling us in directions, showing us the way
Society will tell you you have to be one way,
But just like some worn out jeans, society will fade.
So stay true to yourself, that’s the only way to be,
Because you are the world, and the world needs to see.
Yeah stay true to yourself that’s the only way to be.
Because you are the world, and the world needs to see.



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