They’re Out There

He’s out there. The guy who can’t keep himself from smiling when he’s with you. Who opens every door for you. Who asks you questions about yourself so he can have more reasons to fall in love with you. She’s out there. The girl who loves nothing more than to simply put her hands in yours. Who’s thankful for each day because you’re in it. Who smiles when she gets a hone call from you because she can’t help but fall more in love with you with each conversation. Who can picture nothing but a future with you. They’re out there, they really are. But we’ll never get to see them if never grow up and be them.


1 Comment

  1. I was the girl in school who didn’t have a boyfriend while my friends were going through them like candy. But you’re right, he was out there. And twenty-nine years later, I still smile and my heart beats a little faster every time he comes home. (Well, almost every time.)

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