Window Hearts

I know that these states distance us
But on the days you miss me most,
Just look outside your window
And you’ll see we’re fairly close.
Those trees that stand so tall,
Those colorful houses- I see them too,
And while they’re not exactly the same,
We still share a similar view.
Look out on the horizon
And know I’m not that far,
And every night you hear those sirens
And traffic from all those cars-
I hear them too, see
Our windows- they close us in.
But if you open it up like you open your heart, then
Our messages can carry through the wind.
See we went our whole lives not knowing
And that’s much longer than this distance.
So it’s far better now if all we find are each other that we’re missing.
So keep your heart and window open
And my love, we’ll be just fine.
I’ll be beside you before you know it,
Count on that like you count down time.



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