This Picture

If I showed you this picture
And I left out the facts,
If instead of all the colors
It remained white and black,
If all you could do
Was observe the picture’s sight
Would you view the picture
In a different light?
A sunrise or sunset?
It’s whatever you choose to see,
If we take out all the color
All we see is peace.
And what difference would it make?
Would you appreciate it more
If the color added back
Showed a sunrise to adore?
Would you not view it in the same
If it were a sunset of different shades?
Does how you view the picture
Depend on the time of the day?
We add in useless facts
To rid ourselves of positivity,
We force upon ourselves
Useless negativity.
If we take what we learn to focus on out
And we focus on the real importance,
Our hearts will start to align
And our life will follow in accordance.
We need to learn to appreciate things as they were meant to be,
We need not add in judgment
On everything we see.
It’s a sunset by the way-
The day’s coming to an end
As people hurry home
To be with family and with friends,
Or maybe it’s a sunrise-
The beginning of a day,
A time for memories to start
And hopefully never fade.
But now the pictures timeless,
The color has dissolved
And hopefully gives society
New hope to evolve.
Color doesn’t matter,
Appreciation does,
Because everything we see here
Is a gift from God above.





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