Numbers. They determine everything. You can only do this if you’re a certain age. You become a target to jokes if you don’t have a certain number of body parts. Your weight has to be between a certain amount of numbers. You’re only considered smart if you score this certain number on a test. You’re only hired if you’ve had this many years of experience. You can only have these if you have a certain amount of dollars. Bills. Money. Net worth. Time. Contact information. The world revolves around numbers. And it’s funny, because numbers are the furthest thing that determines who you are. Your personality. Your passion. The songs you sing. The poems you write. The people you’ve helped. The wisdom you’ve gained. Your laugh. Your smile. Love. Trust. Hope. Loyalty. Generosity. Kindness. We exist without numbers,  but numbers don’t exist without us. Never sell yourself short for some numbers that you honestly only care about because society tells you to. You’re more than the numbers. The numbers aren’t more than you. You define the numbers. The numbers do not define you.




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