You Will Be Great

It’s funny, isn’t it? How we look at life sometimes. How we miss out on an abundance of our own greatness simply because of how we choose to look at the events going on in our lives at certain times. How we look at the failure to get into a certain school, the failure to be considered for a certain job as actual failures. “Why not me? Why am I not good enough for this?” We ask God. “Because you’re great. You’ve got more potential than this!” He replies. You see, God isn’t trying to show you what you can’t do. He’s trying to lead you to what you, only you, are GREAT at. To your destiny.  Your fate. He’s trying to pull out your strengths. Your hidden talents. Your greater faith in yourself and in Him. You. Will. Be. Great. If. You. Absolutely. Refuse. To. Give. Up.



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