What If I Told You

What if I told you you had the power to change things?
What if I told you all it took was some rearranging? 
Of your priorities, goals, your thoughts and your actions?
Tell me now, what would be your reaction? 
What if I told you that for every problem 
There were at least two solutions to solve them?
What if I told you all the power lied in your heart?
Tell me now would you even start?
What if I told you your destiny’s much greater 
 And I promise you’ll see it in the years that come later?
What if I said strong patience and faith 
Were all that it took to win you the race?
Now what if I said I’ll be here all along 
To help you get to the place you belong?
Would you even believe the words that I said?
Would you change how you think your life in your head?
Would you feel with your heart and listen to me?
Open it wide enough so that you could see? 
Now what if I said all the set backs and troubles
All those days where your happiness fell down into rubble 
Were actually tests, and detours of life 
And not meant to bring you confusion and strife.
Would you hear what I’m sayin and change how you feel?
Would you take being happy as something that’s real?
Now what if I said when you’re lost but don’t know it 
That God will step in, and your new path He will show it.
Those days where your heart sank deep down low,
Those nights where the tears finally showed,
Those sudden changes that took you by surprise,
The days you found out all those truths were just lies,
Were God’s way of showing you right from the wrong.
See you’ve been growing and learning these things all along.
What if I told you it will all be okay?
Would you even listen to any word that I say?
What if I said just have faith and believe?
Would you stay to talk or just get up and leave? 
What if I said you can make a big change?
That all the hatred and sadness you could rearrange?
And make a positive impact, leave your mark on this earth,
That you’ve been destined for greatness even before your own birth?
Would you trust in my words?
See the truth in my eyes?
And believe that I’m not feeding you lies? 
Could you do that for me? Or even better for you?
Cause I want you to believe 
In yourself, too




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