we’re simply human.

we’re humans. we’re imperfect even on our best days. we’re constantly growing, changing, seeing new things,  experiencing new things. what we like one year will be different the next.  we’re complicated. we have a wide range of emotions. we’re simply human. and because of that, we never have to stop proving ourselves. we doubt trust in people and people doubt trust right back in us for no reason other than we’re human. but God doesn’t change. He doesn’t like us one day then hate us the next just because He didn’t get his morning coffee. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. which means He only needs to prove Himself to us ONE time to assure us we can always trust Him. and He did that…way before any of us were even here. so when things aren’t going so great, just. trust. God. because He won’t change up on you.  He always wants to be there for you. so let Him be.

http:// http://cormierralexis.wix.com/untouchableinc



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