Free Hugs

Through all of the chaos, tears of hope fall to the ground.
Even in the midst of all the violence, love’s still to be found.
Two simple words, “FREE HUGS” change the world around us.
Those emotions of care and compassion we needed to feel found us.
While it didn’t solve the problem, it still impacted our hearts,
And brought us all together while we pulled ourselves apart.
A hug can change the world faster than violence ever could.
A hug can change the world better than burning down buildings ever would.
A hug can change the world by driving out the hate.
A hug did change the world; a world that’s been feeling irate.
I’m thankful for these two men, who I’ll probably never meet,
Because they gave me newfound hope in this violent world I’m forced to see.
We news to stop making decision based on anger, hate and hurt,
And instead use more positive ways to heal our hurting world.
Because we’re all just human beings, trying to make sense of it all,
And the more we come together, the harder it is to fall.
So show love to those around you, whether you know them or not.
Because while we’re all here, we’re all each other’s got.




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