All That You’ve Got

So you want to give up. You want to throw in the white flag screaming “I’ve had enough.” You want to quit on your goals you spent time setting up- those goals you spent time reaching out towards until it got “too tough.” You want to look in the mirror & say “next time it’s mine”,but this was the next time and the last time was too. See all this time you’ve spent starting over you could have finished one through. You want to admit to pain that it’s stronger than you- but the pain only takes over if you give it the cue. You want to befriend defeat for no reason at all- how’d you forget how to stand back up after a fall? Don’t you know that human instinct is to get back on your feet? Don’t you know that you’re capable of reaching your dreams? Don’t you know “giving up” is not a God-given thought. Don’t you know you could have had it all if only you fought for what should be yours, with all that you’ve got? __a.c.



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