The Focus 

We focus on a lot of things. How our hair looks. Which outfit to wear. The best angle to tilt our head in a picture. Getting out of traffic. How many calories are in a cookie. Which flavor Starbucks to get. Which Netflix show to watch. What to do instead of studying for a test. The list goes on and on. And yet, at the end of the day, none of those things make us feel complete. None of them comfort our heart. None of them actually even make us better people- better sons and daughters, significant others, strangers. We forget to focus on being kind to people, friend or stranger. We forget to forgive. To pray. To talk to God. To smile at people. To offer a helping hand in inconvenient times. To say thank you. We forget to find God’s peace in the sunsets after a stressful day. To be selfless. 

And it’s sad, because as much as we are the problem, we’re also the solution. It’s so simple. God put each and every one of us here for a reason. And it’s so important that we discover what that reason is. So focus on the real things. Because not only do the people around you need you to do that, but you need you to do that, too. __a.c.

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