Life. It’s a small word. Easy to say. Quick to write. And yet it’s going to hit you harder than anything else. It won’t always be easy. In fact, it’s important you realize that life as we designed it is actually hard. You see, life was designed to be perfect in the beginning. But what do we know about perfection? Nothing. What we do know about is forgiveness. We bite the apple day after day and then we are forgiven. And that’s the perfection we attain-unconditional love, unconditional support, unconditional presence. And that’s still a beautiful kind of perfection. More beautiful than we often allow ourselves to realize. And although forgiveness is a such beautiful thing, the reality is it’s preceded by things not so beautiful. Lies. Hurt. Sin. Sadness. Anger. Failure. And that’s why life is hard. But even on those days, we still have something so beautiful. Because there’s always a light waiting for you in the darkness. And that’s something I never want you to forget. That no matter how hard life gets, the beauty of it will never be taken away from you. __a.c.


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