There are gonna be some shitty days. There’s gonna be bad things that happen to good people and good things that happen to bad people. There’s going to be extreme emotions. Sadness. Anger. Guilt. You’re going to face some brick walls without an ounce of knowledge of how to get over it. Life isn’t all sunshines and rainbows every second of the day. But life is still worth something!! You’ll still get over those brick walls even if it takes you removing each brick by yourself. There’s first smiles. First steps. The sound of heartbeats. Slow dances in the kitchen. Cinnamon rolls. Hikes. Late night convos. Early morning runs. Promotions. Dream jobs. Puppies. Dessert. There’s sunshine and rainbows and the most beautiful sunsets. Puddles to jump in and get messy. There’s laughter and hope. And love. So much love! And that’s so important. Life is so beautiful. It’s something worth living for. There’s SO MUCH to live for. And nobody will ever convince me otherwise. __a.c. 


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