Stop making excuses! Stop funneling blame to those around you! To your “circumstances.” If you continually wake up each day exhausted with your routine. With the people around you. With your job. Your financial situation. It’s not because of other people! It’s because of you! It’s because you’ve grown too comfortable with complacency. With average. With doubting yourself. With settling! You’ve grown too comfortable with excuses! With playing the victim. With saying “why me?” Look at yourself and say “I can do this!” “I will do this!” “I am good enough for this dream!” Take risks and achieve what you’re capable of achieving! Stop wasting each day! Stop working at a job that drains you! Stop allowing negative people to have an influence in your life! Recognize the changes you need to make and then MAKE THOSE CHANGES! You are so much more powerful than you’re aware of! Than you let yourself be! You have the amazing ability to wake up every single morning with a genuine smile on your face. To get through every single day happy! Full of energy! So do it! Life is hard at times. But that doesn’t ever mean that you need to give up! To quit. Keep pushing forward. Keep believing in yourself! You can do it! __a.c. 


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