You can’t avoid them. Trials. They’ll find you and they’ll try to embed themselves in your life. In your mind. In your heart. Sometimes they come alone. Sometimes they come in groups. Back to back to back. And then what? You’re supposed to give up? Give in? Let them take over? You see nobody really prepares you for the trials you’ll face in life. And believe me, you’ll face them. And maybe that’s why they’re so hard to fight and win when they show up. But that’s the thing- it doesn’t have to be hard! Trials don’t have to end a situation. They don’t have to make you quit. You don’t have to fear them. In fact, trials can actually make your life better. They can make you stronger. Wiser. Trials can actually get you back on track. They can help you grow. A growth that’s been waiting to emerge. We all have a new seed waiting to be watered inside us. And trials can be that water. Not to drown you. Not to sink your ship. But to grow that seed. Maybe you don’t get the job. Maybe you don’t pass the class the first time. Maybe your relationship is a struggle at the moment. Your finances aren’t where they need to be. Your health isn’t where it needs to be. There’s a way to take control of everything if you can take control of your mind. Your perseverance. Because the thing is, you’re allowed to beat your trials. You’re CAPABLE of beating your trials! Let me say that again. YOU ARE CAPABLE OF BEATING YOUR TRIALS! And all it takes is to keep fighting. To stay positive. To tell yourself I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP. And it won’t always be easy. But it will always be POSSIBLE. So keep fighting. Become aware of the trial. Emerge yourself in the trial so you can learn from it. Because you absolutely deserve to overcome it. And you’re absolutely capable of doing just that. __a.c. 


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