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Passion. Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. Passion. Nowhere in the definition is the word “easy” mentioned, and why is the word “hate” related, I’m sure you’re asking. And why is sleep linked to dreaming but sleeping and dreams are always clashing? 
Now maybe you never realized it, but everyone who talks about achieving the American Dream started off with nearly nothing. And in order to hold it they had to go all in when they weren’t bluffing. But the sad thing is that too many people fold. Shrinking themselves down instead of being bold about their 
Passion. I was once told that I needed to work a nine to five if I wanted to chase my dreams or else I’d be in a position where I’d have to ration. But I couldn’t fathom that most people had no compassion for those who oppose the American Scheme. 
Now I’m not saying that a nine to five isn’t an honorable way to survive and the people who truly love to do it and can honestly give all of their heart one hundred percent through it 
But if you wake up even just one day a week and think that you could 
Be doing something different, something better, well that’s your passion. And all I’m asking is that you listen to what your heart is telling you to do. Unless, of course, you’d rather have your boss do that to you. 
Passion was never meant for the select few and it’s important that you know that. Just like in Matthew 17:20 which shows that 
Faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain. And it’s actually very small drops of water that fill a fountain. 
What I’m trying to say is that day after day you build your passion as it comes to life. Ironically, dreams aren’t built overnight. So never quit working on your passion. Keep thinking positive through the negativity and strife. Because a tough road towards your dreams will take you further than an easy road just making it through life. __a.c.

The Difference Isn’t What They Have. It’s How They Think. 

Imagine how different your life would be if the only thing you changed right now was your belief in yourself. If all you did today was say “I can do this.” If every time you had a doubt in your mind. Or someone else doubted you. If every time you said “I CAN do this!” “I AM going to get through this!” Imagine how much your life would change. It’s so incredible that all you have to do to change your life is change your mindset. That’s it! All you have to do to live the life you’ve imagined is believe in yourself. Encourage yourself. I don’t know what your purpose is but I do know that it’s a great one. And you’re so incredibly capable of living the life you’ve imagined. You see the difference between you and the people you think have everything. The people you strive to be like. The difference between isn’t what they have. It’s how they think. That’s the key. So go unlock your full potential. Because you absolutely deserve to. __a.c. 


Stop making excuses! Stop funneling blame to those around you! To your “circumstances.” If you continually wake up each day exhausted with your routine. With the people around you. With your job. Your financial situation. It’s not because of other people! It’s because of you! It’s because you’ve grown too comfortable with complacency. With average. With doubting yourself. With settling! You’ve grown too comfortable with excuses! With playing the victim. With saying “why me?” Look at yourself and say “I can do this!” “I will do this!” “I am good enough for this dream!” Take risks and achieve what you’re capable of achieving! Stop wasting each day! Stop working at a job that drains you! Stop allowing negative people to have an influence in your life! Recognize the changes you need to make and then MAKE THOSE CHANGES! You are so much more powerful than you’re aware of! Than you let yourself be! You have the amazing ability to wake up every single morning with a genuine smile on your face. To get through every single day happy! Full of energy! So do it! Life is hard at times. But that doesn’t ever mean that you need to give up! To quit. Keep pushing forward. Keep believing in yourself! You can do it! __a.c. 

Our Plan 

“This wasn’t supposed to be part of my plan.” “I never planned for this to happen.” “This was never my plan.” These are the phrases spoken by 100% of the population at some point in time. We hear it from everyone. We say it ourselves. Because we think our plans are actually ours to make. But there not! Our plans are not ours to plan. They’re ours to live! And that’s a very important distinction to understand. We did not create the universe. We did not create ourselves. We did not create our bodies or any of the things needed to sustain them. We did not create our purpose. Our passion. Our dreams. We have created nothing of which we think we should control! And yet we have created everything [what we do each day, how we react to what happens to us, our mindset, our way of thinking] of which we think we have no control of! How do you know? How do you know you weren’t supposed to face adversity in life? How do you know you weren’t supposed to face failure? Disappointment? How do you know you were supposed to have a perfect life? That everyone should always agree with you? Like you? How do you know you were never supposed to get knocked down? Sometimes over and over again? To be challenged in life? How do you know everything was supposed to be handed to you? That you were supposed to succeed at everything in life? You don’t! Because our plans is not ours to plan! It’s only ours to live! And just maybe the very things you want are located inside of the very situations you think shouldn’t be a part of your life. But you will never ever discover them if you continue to wake up each day and put blame on God. On your surroundings. On the people around you. On your lack of growth. God did not fill your heart sadness or your mind with doubt. He did not make you ungrateful. He did not place you in a position of failure and tell you that was your permanent home! He did not make you unwilling. God never placed you in a comfort zone and told you to stay forever! He did not place you in an unhappy relationship and tell you you can’t make it better! You did that to yourself! We do these things to ourselves day after day. And then all of a sudden a lifetime has passed us by and we have so very little to show for it. We all have the most amazing ability to wake up each day and change our circumstances. To better our situations. We were given life! That is so incredible. Each day we live is so incredible. So if you can be wise enough to understand that. If you can be brave enough to truly chase your dreams. If you can be focused enough to unlock your happiness. Well, you might just become limitless. You might just end up changing the world for the better. And you might just end up living the life you dream of. __a.c.

Life Is Hard

It’s hard. Life is hard. You will have days where you can’t even imagine getting out of bed. You will have moments where all you can do is cry. You will reach a point where you question everything you’ve ever done up until this point, because you’re sure that at this point in your life you should have it all figured out. You will occasionally wonder why you ever believed in fairy tales and happy endings. You will feel lost. Life. is hard. At times. But it’s not bad. And that’s an important difference to understand. It’s true, there will be hard days. Seemingly impossible days…to your mind. But to God, it’s all part of the plan. Of your plan. A plan that’s already been figured out for you! A plan that you don’t need to stress over, because it’s a beautiful, wonderful plan! And on those days where you don’t want to get out of bed, God already gave you the strength to do it! And it started with the first breath you took on those hard days. On the days where you feel like all you can do is cry, it’s okay because God is teaching you patience. Perseverance. Strength. Things we can only truly understand through the hard days. And it’s through this that we become the fullest version of ourselves. It’s through the hard days that we learn how important love is. How important being kind is. How important the hard days really are. And the thing is, we get through the hard days. Not without a struggle, but also not without God’s help, love and direction. You see, there will be hard days. I want you to know that. But I also want you to know that life is beautiful and full of smiles, laughter, love, hope, happiness. And it’s so worth all the hard days. __a.c.

There Is A Problem 

We have a problem. In this world. In America. In our country. We have a problem. And we all know it. We can turn our head away. We can close our eyes to it. But deep down. Inside. We know it. What do you do with a problem? You solve it. Now although it causes complications, it’s not a complicated problem. And that’s an important concept to understand. You see, the problem disguises itself in words like racism, profiling, stereotyping, revenge. You can call it what you want, but the bottom line is the problem is hate. And the solution? It isn’t at the bottom of the ocean. It isn’t hidden on the top of a mountain. It’s not across the ocean. Across the galaxy. It’s not on a different planet. It’s not hidden in a code. Or disguised in the Mona Lisa. It’s not under a stack of dusty old magazines in your attic. You don’t need to pay money to get it or go to school to learn it. The solution is as close as you. It is literally inside of you. It’s your heart. It’s love. Not the kind of conditional love we all know so well. It’s unconditional, God given, love. It’s what we were literally born with. What we were sent here to do. What we were sent here to be. It’s us. It’s you. It’s me. It’s our neighbors. Our sons and daughters. Our mothers and fathers. It’s the homeless man on the street. The mailman. All the people you’ve looked down upon and looked up to. Everyone you’ve looked away from. Every single person you have laid your eyes on. We are the solution. No excuses! And we can absolutely solve this problem of hate. Because we are absolutely filled with love. __a.c.