World In A Mirror

“World In A Mirror”

We hope someone does right even if it isn’t us,
And when we’re doing wrong, we complain that we can’t trust.
Ironic isn’t it? How we are our own problem?
And we’d rather just complain then do something to solve them.
Cliche as it may be, the solution always starts with us,
Like we could be out here loving but instead we choose to lust.
We might as well all be a Mason, because we just build up our walls-
Trapping us inside, but we gotta let them fall.
The finish line is set by us, and we make it unattainable.
We keep running from the line, and this pace is unsustainable.
Gandhi had it right when he said “be the change you wish to see”,
So when I’m looking in the mirror, the world’s looking back at me.
That means the world is mine and as it shapes me I shape it back.
That’s why I pray to God each night that I’m on the right path.
Because see I’ve always had a vision that my destiny is great
Not that I’m necessarily destined for greatness, but that I have a greater fate.
That if I can help one person, then that means I’ve helped two,
Because it always helps me when I know that I’ve helped you.
And if they can help another, then that would make it three, and I just hope that it carries on forever like the sea.
This is our world so it is what we make it,
And we have the tools to make it real,
We don’t have to fake it.
This is our world, so it is what we make it,
And we have to keep progressing forward, we don’t have time to brake it.
We have dreams, we have visions, and passions for a reason-
They stick with us forever, they don’t change like the seasons.
They’re like our chauffeur, driving us throughout our days
Pulling us in directions, showing us the way
Society will tell you you have to be one way,
But just like some worn out jeans, society will fade.
So stay true to yourself, that’s the only way to be,
Because you are the world, and the world needs to see.


Life Is Hard

It’s hard. Life is hard. You will have days where you can’t even imagine getting out of bed. You will have moments where all you can do is cry. You will reach a point where you question everything you’ve ever done up until this point, because you’re sure that at this point in your life you should have it all figured out. You will occasionally wonder why you ever believed in fairy tales and happy endings. You will feel lost. Life. is hard. At times. But it’s not bad. And that’s an important difference to understand. It’s true, there will be hard days. Seemingly impossible days…to your mind. But to God, it’s all part of the plan. Of your plan. A plan that’s already been figured out for you! A plan that you don’t need to stress over, because it’s a beautiful, wonderful plan! And on those days where you don’t want to get out of bed, God already gave you the strength to do it! And it started with the first breath you took on those hard days. On the days where you feel like all you can do is cry, it’s okay because God is teaching you patience. Perseverance. Strength. Things we can only truly understand through the hard days. And it’s through this that we become the fullest version of ourselves. It’s through the hard days that we learn how important love is. How important being kind is. How important the hard days really are. And the thing is, we get through the hard days. Not without a struggle, but also not without God’s help, love and direction. You see, there will be hard days. I want you to know that. But I also want you to know that life is beautiful and full of smiles, laughter, love, hope, happiness. And it’s so worth all the hard days. __a.c.


Start to love it -your life. Start to tell yourself that no one else has it better. Start to laugh and smile at the unexpected ups and downs. Start to tell your feet to keep moving forward, except when you stop to stare at the sunsets. Start to put your arms out and spin around in the thunderstorms you get caught in. Start to tell yourself that nothing completely bad can happen to you when you’re surrounded by good people. Start to tell yourself what you have is always enough and what you’ve lost made you better. Start to absolutely love your life. Because you absolutely deserve to! __a.c.

Blind To See

Blind To See 

If society was blind for one day maybe we’d stop biting the apple.
If we couldn’t see the color differences, if we couldn’t see a dapple.
Maybe we’d spend less time on the streets and more time in the chapel,
Maybe we’d find more people to be genuine & less to be assholes.
If we couldn’t see to judge another, if we lived like Adam & Eve,
Maybe we’d spend more of our days talking about our happiness & less days about our grieve.
Maybe we’d find ourselves becoming more generous and focused less on the greed.
Maybe we’d discover to appreciate what we have because what we have is what we need. 
If we couldn’t see then the media wouldn’t have such a strong hold grip, 
And maybe our morals would never start to slip.
Maybe life would be cruising like a cruise ship,
Maybe our hearts would stay whole instead of always being ripped.
If we couldn’t see then we couldn’t point out every difference,
Maybe we’d stop comparing ourselves to others forcing this self hindrance.
Maybe, and I really hope, we’d lose all of our ignorance,
Maybe we’d be accepting instead of being so belligerent.
If for one day we couldn’t see then we could see what life was like in God’s vision.
Ironic as it is, that’s the life we should all be living,
Maybe everything could add together instead of always being division.
Can’t you imagine, Close your eyes to see this vision? __a.c.


Numbers. They determine everything. You can only do this if you’re a certain age. You become a target to jokes if you don’t have a certain number of body parts. Your weight has to be between a certain amount of numbers. You’re only considered smart if you score this certain number on a test. You’re only hired if you’ve had this many years of experience. You can only have these if you have a certain amount of dollars. Bills. Money. Net worth. Time. Contact information. The world revolves around numbers. And it’s funny, because numbers are the furthest thing that determines who you are. Your personality. Your passion. The songs you sing. The poems you write. The people you’ve helped. The wisdom you’ve gained. Your laugh. Your smile. Love. Trust. Hope. Loyalty. Generosity. Kindness. We exist without numbers,  but numbers don’t exist without us.
Never sell yourself short for some numbers that you honestly only care about because society tells you to. You’re more than the numbers. The numbers aren’t more than you. You define the numbers. The numbers do not define you.



What if I told you you had the power to change things?
What if I told you all it took was some rearranging? 
Of your priorities, goals, your thoughts and your actions?
Tell me now, what would be your reaction? 
What if I told you that for every problem 
There were at least two solutions to solve them?
What if I told you all the power lied in your heart?
Tell me now would you even start?
What if I told you your destiny’s much greater 
 And I promise you’ll see it in the years that come later?
What if I said strong patience and faith 
Were all that it took to win you the race?
Now what if I said I’ll be here all along 
To help you get to the place you belong?
Would you even believe the words that I said?
Would you change how you think your life in your head?
Would you feel with your heart and listen to me?
Open it wide enough so that you could see? 
Now what if I said all the set backs and troubles
All those days where your happiness fell down into rubble 
Were actually tests, and detours of life 
And not meant to bring you confusion and strife.
Would you hear what I’m sayin and change how you feel?
Would you take being happy as something that’s real?
Now what if I said when you’re lost but don’t know it 
That God will step in, and your new path He will show it.
Those days where your heart sank deep down low,
Those nights where the tears finally showed,
Those sudden changes that took you by surprise,
The days you found out all those truths were just lies,
Were God’s way of showing you right from the wrong.
See you’ve been growing and learning these things all along.
What if I told you it will all be okay?
Would you even listen to any word that I say?
What if I said just have faith and believe?
Would you stay to talk or just get up and leave? 
What if I said you can make a big change?
That all the hatred and sadness you could rearrange?
And make a positive impact, leave your mark on this earth,
That you’ve been destined for greatness even before your own birth?
Would you trust in my words?
See the truth in my eyes?
And believe that I’m not feeding you lies? 
Could you do that for me? Or even better for you?
Cause I want you to believe 
In yourself, too