Life. It’s a small word. Easy to say. Quick to write. And yet it’s going to hit you harder than anything else. It won’t always be easy. In fact, it’s important you realize that life as we designed it is actually hard. You see, life was designed to be perfect in the beginning. But what do we know about perfection? Nothing. What we do know about is forgiveness. We bite the apple day after day and then we are forgiven. And that’s the perfection we attain-unconditional love, unconditional support, unconditional presence. And that’s still a beautiful kind of perfection. More beautiful than we often allow ourselves to realize. And although forgiveness is a such beautiful thing, the reality is it’s preceded by things not so beautiful. Lies. Hurt. Sin. Sadness. Anger. Failure. And that’s why life is hard. But even on those days, we still have something so beautiful. Because there’s always a light waiting for you in the darkness. And that’s something I never want you to forget. That no matter how hard life gets, the beauty of it will never be taken away from you. __a.c.


You Don’t Forget

You don’t forget that-
That feeling of your world ending,
& day after day
You can described every detail
As if it were happening now.
The endless thoughts of why.
The way your eyes looked as you cried-
But the pit of your stomach,
Nothing lined up,
The world stopped making sense.
Your shirt becomes drenched,
But wiping the tears away doesn’t deter them from coming back.
Actually needing somebody.
You don’t forget that.
So vivid.
So branded.
The mark of that memory doesn’t fade.
And you don’t want it to.
Because although nobody sees that scar but you,
It reminds you.
That you’re human.
And while you have more nights feeling nothing
But the space between you and the ceiling,
You’re human.
And you’re capable of feeling.

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World In A Mirror

We hope someone does right even if it isn’t us,
And when we’re doing wrong, we complain that we can’t trust.
Ironic isn’t it? How we are our own problem?
And we’d rather just complain then do something to solve them.
Cliche as it may be, the solution always starts with us,
Like we could be out here loving but instead we choose to lust.
We might as well all be a Mason, because we just build up our walls-
Trapping us inside, but we gotta let them fall.
The finish line is set by us, and we make it unattainable.
We keep running from the line, but this pace is unsustainable.
Gandhi had it right when he said “be the change you wish to see”,
So when I’m looking in the mirror, the world’s looking back at me.
That means the world is mine and as it shapes me I shape it back.
That’s why I pray to God each night that I’m on the right path.
Because see I’ve always had a vision that my destiny is great
Not that I’m necessarily destined for greatness, but that I have a greater fate.
That if I can help one person, then that means I’ve helped two,
Because it always helps me when I know that I’ve helped you.
And if they can help another, then that would make it three, and I just hope that it carries on forever like the sea.
This is our world so it is what we make it,
And we have the tools to make it real,
We don’t have to fake it.
Yeah this is our world, so it is what we make it,
And we have to keep progressing forward, we don’t have time to brake it.
We have dreams, we have visions, and passions for a reason-
They stick with us forever, they don’t change like the seasons.
They’re like our chauffeur, driving us throughout our days
Pulling us in directions, showing us the way
Society will tell you you have to be one way,
But just like some worn out jeans, society will fade.
So stay true to yourself, that’s the only way to be,
Because you are the world, and the world needs to see.


This Picture

If I showed you this picture
And I left out the facts,
If instead of all the colors
It remained white and black,
If all you could do
Was observe the picture’s sight
Would you view the picture
In a different light?
A sunrise or sunset?
It’s whatever you choose to see,
If we take out all the color
All we see is peace.
And what difference would it make?
Would you appreciate it more
If the color added back
Showed a sunrise to adore?
Would you not view it in the same
If it were a sunset of different shades?
Does how you view the picture
Depend on the time of the day?
We add in useless facts
To rid ourselves of positivity,
We force upon ourselves
Useless negativity.
If we take what we learn to focus on out
And we focus on the real importance,
Our hearts will start to align
And our life will follow in accordance.
We need to learn to appreciate things as they were meant to be,
We need not add in judgment
On everything we see.
It’s a sunset by the way-
The day’s coming to an end
As people hurry home
To be with family and with friends,
Or maybe it’s a sunrise-
The beginning of a day,
A time for memories to start
And hopefully never fade.
But now the pictures timeless,
The color has dissolved
And hopefully gives society
New hope to evolve.
Color doesn’t matter,
Appreciation does,
Because everything we see here
Is a gift from God above.




Window Hearts

I know that these states distance us
But on the days you miss me most,
Just look outside your window
And you’ll see we’re fairly close.
Those trees that stand so tall,
Those colorful houses- I see them too,
And while they’re not exactly the same,
We still share a similar view.
Look out on the horizon
And know I’m not that far,
And every night you hear those sirens
And traffic from all those cars-
I hear them too, see
Our windows- they close us in.
But if you open it up like you open your heart, then
Our messages can carry through the wind.
See we went our whole lives not knowing
And that’s much longer than this distance.
So it’s far better now if all we find are each other that we’re missing.
So keep your heart and window open
And my love, we’ll be just fine.
I’ll be beside you before you know it,
Count on that like you count down time.



The thought of most individuals when it comes to a relationship is that it needs to be a 100/100 matches effort. That makes sense, right? The only problem with it is that they think that 100/100 match effort only applies to a relationship of themselves WITH another individual. That’s the only relationship they apply it to. That’s the only relationship they set perfect match standards for. But what about the relationship we have with ourselves? See, we all plan goals, set goals, but often, we don’t reach those goals. Why is that? It’s because we don’t match ourselves. The part of us that caries out goals doesn’t match the part of us that plans and sets goals. That part of us falls short- and instead of holding that part of us accountable like we would another individual who doesn’t match our 100, we just accept it. Don’t accept it. Be in a 100/100 relationship with yourself. It’s extremely possible. And just like your 100/100 match relationship with someone else will make you happier, your 100/100 match relationship with yourself will, too.


He Won’t Be The Only One

He won’t be the only one that says he loves you. He won’t be the only one who can send you flowers, but chooses not to. He won’t be the only one who could call you beautiful but goes with the word sexy instead. He won’t be the only one who tells you he isn’t calling you tonight because he has another party to go to with his boys. He won’t be the only one who thinks you need to do stuff for him because he made you his girl. He won’t be the only one who makes you think something’s missing from your life, but tells you you can’t find better than him. He won’t be the only one who, between a few smiles, reminds you of your ex, more importantly, why you left him. He won’t be the only one who won’t open the door for you. Who doesn’t take you out on dates. Who doesn’t make you feel as important as you make him feel. So in a whole where you’re searching for “the one” I think there’s a better decision out there for you to make.