Self Doubt 

They’re going to doubt you. They’re going to question you. Tell you it can’t be done. Tell you your path is a dead end. Some will laugh. Some won’t say anything at all. Some will be people you’ve just met. Some will be people you’ve known your entire life. The point is, nobody has everybody supporting them. And often we let that de-inspire us. We start to think maybe we aren’t good enough. Maybe we shouldn’t achieve our far off dreams. Maybe we should settle. But we shouldn’t! We should never settle for less than what we want! We should never let anyone tell us we can’t do it! Because we can! It won’t always be easy. And you’ll never have everyone’s support. But never give up. Imagine how far you’d be if you never gave in to others’ doubt. Because you see, you’re the only one who needs to believe in your dreams for them to come true! So believe in yourself. Because you’re so capable of achieving your dreams! And you absolutely deserve to. __a.c. 



The thought of most individuals when it comes to a relationship is that it needs to be a 100/100 matched effort. That makes sense, right? The only problem with it is that they think that 100/100 match effort only applies to a relationship of themselves WITH another individual. That’s the only relationship they apply it to. That’s the only relationship they set perfect match standards for. But what about the relationship we have with ourselves? See, we all plan goals, set goals, but often, we don’t reach those goals. We give up. We make excuses. Why is that? It’s because we don’t match ourselves. The part of us that caries out goals doesn’t match the part of us that plans and sets goals. That part of us falls short- and instead of holding that part of us accountable like we would another individual who doesn’t match our 100, we just accept it. Don’t accept it. Be in a 100/100 relationship with yourself. It’s extremely possible. And just like your 100/100 match relationship with someone else will make you happier, your 100/100 match relationship with yourself will, too. It will change your life. So give yourself 100%. Because you deserve it. __a.c.

All That You’ve Got

So you want to give up. You want to throw in the white flag screaming “I’ve had enough.” You want to quit on your goals you spent time setting up- those goals you spent time reaching out towards until it got “too tough.” You want to look in the mirror & say “next time it’s mine”,but this was the next time and the last time was too. See all this time you’ve spent starting over you could have finished one through. You want to admit to pain that it’s stronger than you- but the pain only takes over if you give it the cue. You want to befriend defeat for no reason at all- how’d you forget how to stand back up after a fall? Don’t you know that human instinct is to get back on your feet? Don’t you know that you’re capable of reaching your dreams? Don’t you know “giving up” is not a God-given thought. Don’t you know you could have had it all if only you fought for what should be yours, with all that you’ve got? __a.c.