The most unsuccessful thing we did to ourselves Was make money a requirement for success,
Because it has people chasing fake dreams While their real ones they suppress;
Which causes a lot of unhappy people And a world full of stress.
Why? All so that we can step out in that we can step out in that twelve thousand dollars dress To socialize with people we have to put a mask on to impress?
Rappers, ballers, or the million dollar artist Leave the only scapegoat for the classroom kids who weren’t the smartest.
So instead of being here to express our God given purpose, We chase a mad made dream that we know is gonna hurt us
Money money won’t get you too far, get you too far Unless you’re flying in a jet or driving your new Rolls Royce car,
But, see, that’s physically speaking and physical strength Will never be enough to carry you the length.
So chase your TRUE passions, whatever they may be Because the REAL definition of success is when your heart is happy. _a.c. 


You Don’t Forget

You don’t forget that-
That feeling of your world ending,
& day after day
You can described every detail
As if it were happening now.
The endless thoughts of why.
The way your eyes looked as you cried-
But the pit of your stomach,
Nothing lined up,
The world stopped making sense.
Your shirt becomes drenched,
But wiping the tears away doesn’t deter them from coming back.
Actually needing somebody.
You don’t forget that.
So vivid.
So branded.
The mark of that memory doesn’t fade.
And you don’t want it to.
Because although nobody sees that scar but you,
It reminds you.
That you’re human.
And while you have more nights feeling nothing
But the space between you and the ceiling,
You’re human.
And you’re capable of feeling.

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