Self Doubt 

They’re going to doubt you. They’re going to question you. Tell you it can’t be done. Tell you your path is a dead end. Some will laugh. Some won’t say anything at all. Some will be people you’ve just met. Some will be people you’ve known your entire life. The point is, nobody has everybody supporting them. And often we let that de-inspire us. We start to think maybe we aren’t good enough. Maybe we shouldn’t achieve our far off dreams. Maybe we should settle. But we shouldn’t! We should never settle for less than what we want! We should never let anyone tell us we can’t do it! Because we can! It won’t always be easy. And you’ll never have everyone’s support. But never give up. Imagine how far you’d be if you never gave in to others’ doubt. Because you see, you’re the only one who needs to believe in your dreams for them to come true! So believe in yourself. Because you’re so capable of achieving your dreams! And you absolutely deserve to. __a.c. 




Doubt. We’ve all had it at some point in life. What if I do this wrong? What if I mess up? What if I’m not ready? What if I can’t live up to the expectations? In a way, doubt links us all together. But we can’t stay afloat with doubt. There’s too much weight. And when you’re on a sinking boat, what do you do? You toss overboard everything you can- starting with anything unnecessary. Anything you can live without. I’m not saying it will be easy. But I’m also not saying you have to do it alone. In fact, we should make it a point to help each other throw doubt overboard. Because the thing is, if you make a mistake, if you do it wrong, it’s okay. We all make messes in life. But we’re also capable of cleaning those messes up. So instead of saying “what if I mess up?” Tell yourself “If I mess up, I’ll learn from it. I’ll be able to do better.” “If I’m not ready, I’ll learn how to be ready. I can do this.” You see, I’m not saying life is perfect. I’m not saying you’re perfect. I’m not, you’re not, no one is! But instead of letting doubt question you, reaffirm yourself you can handle it! Reaffirm each other it’s okay! Redirect your doubt to positive affirmations. We’re all going to screw up in life. But what we need to remember is that we are filled with everything we need to accomplish great things in life. And one of those things is the ability to learn! From our mistakes. From others successes. So throw your doubt overboard. Because your sinking ship is surely capable of staying afloat and taking you the distance you dream to go. __a.c. 

What If I Told You?

What if I told you you had the power to change things?What if I told you all it took was some rearranging?

Of your priorities, goals, your thoughts and your actions?

Tell me now, what would be your reaction?

What if I told you that for every problem

There were at least two solutions to solve them?

What if I told you all the power lied in your heart?

Tell me now would you even start?

What if I told you your destiny’s much greater

 And I promise you’ll see it in the years that come later?

What if I said strong patience and faith

Were all that it took to win you the race?

Now what if I said I’ll be here all along

To help you get to the place you belong?

Would you even believe the words that I said?

Would you change how you think your life in your head?

Would you feel with your heart and listen to me?

Open it wide enough so that you could see?

Now what if I said all the set backs and troubles, 

All those days where your happiness fell down into rubble

Were actually tests, and detours of life

And not meant to bring you confusion and strife.

Would you hear what I’m sayin and change how you feel?

Would you take being happy as something that’s real?

Now what if I said when you’re lost but don’t know it

That God will step in, and your new path He will show it.

Those days where your heart sank deep down low,

Those nights where the tears finally showed,

Those sudden changes that took you by surprise,

The days you found out all those truths were just lies,

Were God’s way of showing you right from the wrong.

See you’ve been growing and learning these things all along.

What if I told you it will all be okay?

Would you even listen to any word that I say?

What if I said just have faith and believe?

Would you stay to talk or just get up and leave?

What if I said you can make a big change?

That all the hatred and sadness you could rearrange?

And make a positive impact, leave your mark on this earth,

That you’ve been destined for greatness even before your own birth?

Would you trust in my words?

See the truth in my eyes?

And believe that I’m not feeding you lies?

Could you do that for me? Or even better for you?

Cause I want you to believe

In yourself, too. __a.c.

It Is Not Human

Love has not perfection. You cannot control love. All you can do is offer it a place to stay. Make up a cozy warm bed, brew it fresh coffee in the morning. Tell it to have a good day. Expect it home for dinner. But no matter how many bolts you lock on that door, love doesn’t always stay. It slips through the cracks while you have your back turned. And most of the time, you can’t even ask it where it’s going. You sit at the table with two cups of coffee only to pour one down the drain. No trace of it other than your routine. Which suddenly becomes the enemy. Or maybe you wake up to a note on your pillow, inflated from the lack of weight on it. Be back soon-Love. Maybe it’s even left you its next location. You empty out your rain boots filled with tears and head in its new direction. Love has not perfection. It is not human. It does not know how to be one. It does not conform to our ways. It doesn’t know the night from the day. It will take the best of you and the worst of you and mash it all together until you don’t know what’s left of you. It will send you flowers ever Sunday for a year and then out of nowhere, disappear. Those same bright sunflower petals wilting to the ground. It will call you beautiful. And mean it. Even as its wiping away the tears it caused. Love has not perfection. It will give and take and push and pull. It will take the heart you’ve never seen inside of your chest and hold it in its hands- learning every vein, every artery, every ounce of oxygen it pumps with each sweet beat. It will give you purpose. Meaning. It will cause you to question every truth you’ve ever known. It will abandon you. It will welcome you. It will seem unfamiliar at times and the point of home at others. It will hurt you and heal you all with the same powers. Love has not perfection. But Love has God. And with that, everything is possible. __a.c. 

Life Is Hard

It’s hard. Life is hard. You will have days where you can’t even imagine getting out of bed. You will have moments where all you can do is cry. You will reach a point where you question everything you’ve ever done up until this point, because you’re sure that at this point in your life you should have it all figured out. You will occasionally wonder why you ever believed in fairy tales and happy endings. You will feel lost. Life. is hard. At times. But it’s not bad. And that’s an important difference to understand. It’s true, there will be hard days. Seemingly impossible days…to your mind. But to God, it’s all part of the plan. Of your plan. A plan that’s already been figured out for you! A plan that you don’t need to stress over, because it’s a beautiful, wonderful plan! And on those days where you don’t want to get out of bed, God already gave you the strength to do it! And it started with the first breath you took on those hard days. On the days where you feel like all you can do is cry, it’s okay because God is teaching you patience. Perseverance. Strength. Things we can only truly understand through the hard days. And it’s through this that we become the fullest version of ourselves. It’s through the hard days that we learn how important love is. How important being kind is. How important the hard days really are. And the thing is, we get through the hard days. Not without a struggle, but also not without God’s help, love and direction. You see, there will be hard days. I want you to know that. But I also want you to know that life is beautiful and full of smiles, laughter, love, hope, happiness. And it’s so worth all the hard days. __a.c.

All That You’ve Got

So you want to give up. You want to throw in the white flag screaming “I’ve had enough.” You want to quit on your goals you spent time setting up- those goals you spent time reaching out towards until it got “too tough.” You want to look in the mirror & say “next time it’s mine”,but this was the next time and the last time was too. See all this time you’ve spent starting over you could have finished one through. You want to admit to pain that it’s stronger than you- but the pain only takes over if you give it the cue. You want to befriend defeat for no reason at all- how’d you forget how to stand back up after a fall? Don’t you know that human instinct is to get back on your feet? Don’t you know that you’re capable of reaching your dreams? Don’t you know “giving up” is not a God-given thought. Don’t you know you could have had it all if only you fought for what should be yours, with all that you’ve got? __a.c.

Sitting At The Table With Failure

We’ve heard it all before. We hear it all the time. “I succeeded because I failed. ”

Michael Jordan  – “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Joyce Meyer – “failing at a thing doesn’t make you a failure.”

Bill Gates- “It’s fine to celebrate success but its more important to head the lessons of failure.”

So we’re inspired. We’re focused on the possibility of what lies ahead for us. Because if their success came from failure, so can ours. But there’s something more to it than just failure leading to success. And really, it’s not the failure that brought them success. It’s their strength. Their drive. Their positive attitude. Passion. Motivation. Inspiration. It’s what they bring to the table that failure decided to sit at. It’s the fact that they saw failure as an irrelevant force. It’s that they kept smiling. Hoping. Moving forward. So really, failure doesn’t bring success. YOU bring success. And if you can be strong enough to know that failure is an irrelevant force, well, then the possibilities might just be absolutely endless for you. __a.c.