It Is Not Human

Love has not perfection. You cannot control love. All you can do is offer it a place to stay. Make up a cozy warm bed, brew it fresh coffee in the morning. Tell it to have a good day. Expect it home for dinner. But no matter how many bolts you lock on that door, love doesn’t always stay. It slips through the cracks while you have your back turned. And most of the time, you can’t even ask it where it’s going. You sit at the table with two cups of coffee only to pour one down the drain. No trace of it other than your routine. Which suddenly becomes the enemy. Or maybe you wake up to a note on your pillow, inflated from the lack of weight on it. Be back soon-Love. Maybe it’s even left you its next location. You empty out your rain boots filled with tears and head in its new direction. Love has not perfection. It is not human. It does not know how to be one. It does not conform to our ways. It doesn’t know the night from the day. It will take the best of you and the worst of you and mash it all together until you don’t know what’s left of you. It will send you flowers ever Sunday for a year and then out of nowhere, disappear. Those same bright sunflower petals wilting to the ground. It will call you beautiful. And mean it. Even as its wiping away the tears it caused. Love has not perfection. It will give and take and push and pull. It will take the heart you’ve never seen inside of your chest and hold it in its hands- learning every vein, every artery, every ounce of oxygen it pumps with each sweet beat. It will give you purpose. Meaning. It will cause you to question every truth you’ve ever known. It will abandon you. It will welcome you. It will seem unfamiliar at times and the point of home at others. It will hurt you and heal you all with the same powers. Love has not perfection. But Love has God. And with that, everything is possible. __a.c. 



The most unsuccessful thing we did to ourselves Was make money a requirement for success,

Because it has people chasing fake dreams While their real ones they suppress;

Which causes a lot of unhappy people And a world full of stress.

Why? All so that we can step out in that we can step out in that twelve thousand dollars dress To socialize with people we have to put a mask on to impress?

Rappers, ballers, or the million dollar artist Leave the only scapegoat for the classroom kids who weren’t the smartest.

So instead of being here to express our God given purpose, We chase a mad made dream that we know is gonna hurt us

Money money won’t get you too far, get you too far Unless you’re flying in a jet or driving your new Rolls Royce car,

But, see, that’s physically speaking and physical strength Will never be enough to carry you the length.

So chase your TRUE passions, whatever they may be Because the REAL definition of success is when your heart is happy. _a.c. 

Free Hugs

Through all of the chaos, tears of hope fall to the ground.
Even in the midst of all the violence, love’s still to be found.
Two simple words, “FREE HUGS” change the world around us.
Those emotions of care and compassion we needed to feel found us.
While it didn’t solve the problem, it still impacted our hearts,
And brought us all together while we pulled ourselves apart.
A hug can change the world faster than violence ever could.
A hug can change the world better than burning down buildings ever would.
A hug can change the world by driving out the hate.
A hug did change the world; a world that’s been feeling irate.
I’m thankful for these two men, who I’ll probably never meet,
Because they gave me newfound hope in this violent world I’m forced to see.
We news to stop making decision based on anger, hate and hurt,
And instead use more positive ways to heal our hurting world.
Because we’re all just human beings, trying to make sense of it all,
And the more we come together, the harder it is to fall.
So show love to those around you, whether you know them or not.
Because while we’re all here, we’re all each other’s got.



Numbers. They determine everything. You can only do this if you’re a certain age. You become a target to jokes if you don’t have a certain number of body parts. Your weight has to be between a certain amount of numbers. You’re only considered smart if you score this certain number on a test. You’re only hired if you’ve had this many years of experience. You can only have these if you have a certain amount of dollars. Bills. Money. Net worth. Time. Contact information. The world revolves around numbers. And it’s funny, because numbers are the furthest thing that determines who you are. Your personality. Your passion. The songs you sing. The poems you write. The people you’ve helped. The wisdom you’ve gained. Your laugh. Your smile. Love. Trust. Hope. Loyalty. Generosity. Kindness. We exist without numbers,  but numbers don’t exist without us. Never sell yourself short for some numbers that you honestly only care about because society tells you to. You’re more than the numbers. The numbers aren’t more than you. You define the numbers. The numbers do not define you.


He Won’t Be The Only One

He won’t be the only one that says he loves you. He won’t be the only one who can send you flowers, but chooses not to. He won’t be the only one who could call you beautiful but goes with the word sexy instead. He won’t be the only one who tells you he isn’t calling you tonight because he has another party to go to with his boys. He won’t be the only one who thinks you need to do stuff for him because he made you his girl. He won’t be the only one who makes you think something’s missing from your life, but tells you you can’t find better than him. He won’t be the only one who, between a few smiles, reminds you of your ex, more importantly, why you left him. He won’t be the only one who won’t open the door for you. Who doesn’t take you out on dates. Who doesn’t make you feel as important as you make him feel. So in a whole where you’re searching for “the one” I think there’s a better decision out there for you to make.