Only In This Moment 

One day you’re going to wake up,And nobody’s going to be in your corner.

That’s not to say that everyone will be against you, but nobody will understand exactly how you feel. Nobody will see exactly what you’re going through. And you’re going to feel isolated. Alone. You’re going to feel the weight of the world directly on your shoulders. Pushing you down. And while you may not understand it yet. While you may think nothing could be worse. Nothing could be more terrible than being the only person in your corner. This is a truly great moment in your life. For it is in this time that you will change your life. It is in this time you’ll realize how important you are. How necessary it is to make certain changes to excel your life. To succeed at what you’ve been failing at. Falling short at achieving. You will break down to the very core of your being. You will literally feel it. It is in this time you will finally believe you are the only person you ever needed in your corner anyways. That you alone, with God, have what it takes to succeed. And you’ve had it all along. It’s in this moment of disparity that you will figure out your purpose. Your potential. That you will pass what you previously believed were your limits with a strength that had been waiting to come to life. So do not give up. Do not give in. Do not doubt the moment. Because only there will you discover what you’re made of. Only there. In the midst of your tragedy. Will you find your true meaning. And that is truly beautiful __a.c.



The most unsuccessful thing we did to ourselves was make money a requirement for success,
Because it has people chasing fake dreams while their real ones they suppress, 
Which causes a lot of unhappy people and a world full of stress. 
What? All so we can step out in a twelve thousand dollar dress? 
To socialize with people we have to put a mask on to impress? 
Rappers, ballers or a million dollar artist 
Leave the only scapegoats for those classroom kids who weren’t the smartest.
So instead of being here to express our God given purpose 
We chase a man made success that we know is gonna hurt us.
Money money won’t get you too far get you too far
Unless you’re flying in a jet or driving  in your new Rolls Royce car,
But that’s physically speaking and physical strength 
Will never be enough to carry you the length.
So chase your TRUE passions, whatever they may be, 
Because the REAL definition of success is when your heart is happy.